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Flatness is important. do you think it's possible for RC to look like fibre (e.g. I prefer the look of FB to RC, but I suppose you could manipulate the latter digitally)?
I print on Ilford most of the time and I can get RC and Fibre prints to match pretty well. On the other hand, if you have a drymount press or just put your prints under weight for a couple of days you can get an 8x10 fibre print pretty darn flat, so either way.

Don't worry about print color, what I would do is scan RGB, desaturate in photoshop, and at the end convert to the CMYK profile Blurb recommends. If you want to give the image a tone, I would do so with a curve adjustment layer, but you may be asking too much of this type of printing to get a subtle color tone exactly right. Neutral is probably safer.

I like Blurb, but I have also seen nice books from Adorama and A&I.

Best of luck, it's very satisfying to hold a real bound book of your own creation.