Hi all,
I saw that this question involve may persons to give suggestions, and I am happy about this cause I solve some doubts I had.
Finally, today I agree to buy an F2A camera with DP-11 finder, in used conditions but perfectly working, no seals problems and with reliable speeds at 160 Euros( 200$ maybe...) including the shipment costs.
This camera has a 50mm F2 Nikon lens.
I really dont know so much about Nikon Nikkor AI AIS etc lenses, but I hope that this base configuration, can satisfy me.
Is it possible to use M42 lenses in Nikon system?
Which are the lenses at moderate prices good to buy for this camera?

I start with this F2 and I will buy an SL2 in the future (of course what you wrote on this forum is conditionning me on this BUT lenses cost a lot) and a Nikon F too.