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The "battery issue" is only such for nay-saying armchair experts, but is certainly not an important factor for choosing a body in real life.

Except that it can, and often does, compromise the usefulness and function of an old camera whose metering accuracy can be iffy, at best. The workarounds involve a degree of wishful thinking and inconvenience that really defeats their purpose. If you want to shoot a relic and to skip futzing around the Wein cells, hearing aid batteries and converters that don't always fit, just get a handheld meter. That's the best "real life" suggestion--unless, of course, sitting in your armchair watching a meter needle twitch, matters more.
If air cells are used, or a silver cell with adapter, or a silver cell with an adjusted or compensated meter, why on earth should the metering be "iffy, at best."?!!?

I use/used several cameras and meters made for mercury cells with non-mercury cells and in no case is the metering "iffy, at best"!

No "wistful thinking" or "futzing around", unless you consider taking a piece of aluminium foil, rollling it into a loose ball and inserting it between the battery and the battery compartment cover to be rocket science. I'm talking about alu foil as a spacer and contact, not as a magic hat!

Have you actually used such a set-up? Talking real life here...