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Is it possible to use M42 lenses in Nikon system?
Which are the lenses at moderate prices good to buy for this camera?

I start with this F2 and I will buy an SL2 in the future (of course what you wrote on this forum is conditionning me on this BUT lenses cost a lot) and a Nikon F too.
First of all, congratulations on your wise future buying intentions...

Nikon probably has the longest lens register of all, which means you can't use other lenses on them unless you use an adapter containing an optical element (yuk!)

Some AI lenses which are generally considered good:
20 2.8, 24 2.8, 35 2.0, 55 2.8, 105 2.5, 180 2.8, 200 4.0 (one of Nikon's less appreciated jewels), 400 5.6.

Many others too, depending on different needs and tastes.