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If air cells are used, or a silver cell with adapter, or a silver cell with an adjusted or compensated meter, why on earth should the metering be "iffy, at best."?!!?

I use/used several cameras and meters made for mercury cells with non-mercury cells and in no case is the metering "iffy, at best"!

No "wistful thinking" or "futzing around", unless you consider taking a piece of aluminium foil, rollling it into a loose ball and inserting it between the battery and the battery compartment cover to be rocket science. I'm talking about alu foil as a spacer and contact, not as a magic hat!

Have you actually used such a set-up? Talking real life here...
Working meters aren't necessarily accurate meters. Sorry but I get no sense of moral superiority using old stuff that may or not deliver depending on Mickey Mouse hacks and short-lived zinc-air batteries. There are just too many newer cameras available that sidestep these problems altogether. Same goes for antique handheld light meters.