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so I've gone through the postings and did see exactly what I was looking for. We picked up some inexpensive studio flashes and are going to learn how to use them for product and portraits.

Hitting my favorite store I noticed there are at least 15 different flash meters from inexpensive to just under $1K, w/ the more expensive ones incorporate a spot meter and flash triggering.

I keep coming back to the Kenko 1100 or 2100 but just dont know enough about the features on these guys. I use spot and incident meters but just have never used a flash meter.


Most people just use incident metering in the studio with flash

You need to check for brightness ratio (bright side to low side) - but thats about it.

You can spot meter in the studio in the same way you spot meter outside - just make sure you take the spot readings from the camera position and watch out for flare from the flash heads.

If you use spot readings a lot outside then you perhaps might want the feature for flash.

Personally, I use a lot of spot meter readings outside for landscapes but have almost never felt the need to spot meter in the studio

The Kenko units are good, as are the Sekonic and Gossen units.