My meridian came with a 135mm tessar on a homemade board I have a 135mm and 165mm focus scale i would like to have an original lens and board for it. What I've done so far. I've mounted a 150mm symmar in a copal no shutter adjusted to the kalart rangefinder I've had a new strap made for it replaced the ground glass the watson veiwfinder and the leather circles on the knobs. found a cord for the flash gun yes, I have used flash bulbs I would like to get a 210mm next. I've had a linhof which I was forced to sell to get through difficult times and a few other items. before I bought this camera I got to say I'm very happy with the meridian. One draw back I have a grafmatic and I remove the ground glass to attach with 2 homemade pcs of aluminum. I get more use out of it shooting handheld I know A waste of all the meridian's movements.