I like to collect useable classic's I appreciate the craftsmanship that no longer exists today at a responsible cost anyhow Linhof for example still a great camera at a ridiculous price. I keep a darkroom and regularly shoot 35mm 120mm and 4x5 I have leica's which are worth more then my contax black dial iia but to me the contax is a better camera or a bessa ii very collectable with the skopar lens but I like an ikonta better. All my cameras are in perfect working order clean glass that sort of thing I sell some to buy others or make room. For a living I work prepress for a printing shop I've spent a lot of time in a darkroom and worked the digital end of it. I sold all my digital equipment in 2008 and only shoot film now. When I lost a hard drive once with all my photos I thought how many people really print there digital pictures. I did, some since I had access to epson 10000 printers. But even then I had to deal with banding or other issues and returned to film after all digital is just commercialism. Large format is still higher quality. Besides collecting is fun I've just 2 complete military super graflex sets.