The blog was one of the most articulate descriptions of GAS i've read. It illustrates the continuum from one extreme (OK, almost one extreme - true collectors *never* allow the cameras to see the 'light of day') to the other (a true photographer would grieve the loss of the contents of the memory card inside the D3).

This notwithstanding, we all find ourselves on this continuum (maybe each of us represents a mini-continuum on the larger scheme), but the continuum is there regardless.

Personally, i have a bit 'o collector in me - i love some of the Minolta manual-operation cameras and have a few more than i need. However, they all work and get film run through 'em (OK, 3 are cosmetically pristine, but need a minor repair/CLA). I thoroughly enjoy the quality, look, feel and sound of these work-horses - SRT 102/202's primarily - though i have a couple very nice XD-11's that are more like elegant race-horses!

My favorite camera (of the moment....) is my Mamiya RB67 Pro-S - a superb camera in every aspect i value (and an utter *BRUTE* of a work-horse - a true Clydesdale!!!). However, it goes in my bag any time i think i'll have time to shoot. It is, hands down, my favorite camera, but i'll never sentance it to death - life on a shelf. Nope, it's getting more and more time in the bag! That said, i am being more careful w/it as i'm seeing some body wear here and there and it's bothering me (it was pristine when i got it). To protect it I have a large flannel-cloth sack it goes into inside my non-photography pack, but it's not going to stop being used.