The project is still going on but due to the sharp increase in production costs of silver halide materials and the realtively moderate consumer price increases of the past months producing silver halide materials has become somewhat difficult from an economic standpoint. This reduced our investment possibilities because whatever you borrow from the bank to invest into something has to be paied back in a certain timeframe. If calculative revenue sharply decreases because of a price increase in silver, base, energy and wages you either have to stretch the period of paying the money back (very difficult to expalin to a bank) or you have to cut your budget.
We had to do the last resulting in slower but ongoing research done at the side by only one engineer instead of two in fulltime.
For us it is also a matter of finishing the works in our ADOX Fotowerke (as mentioned in the 110 thread). If we have coated raw film but canīt finish it it doesnīt do us any good.

New informations are to be expected by late September, early Oktober.

Kind regards,