BTW, I had a wonderful afternoon with my new toy, a Nikon F, made in 1962. I was out in the sun with that camera and a 50mm lens. I shot two rolls, and now the developed negatives are on my desk. The camera works just fine - not bad for such an old camera that was not serviced for decades; even the light meter works. I must admit I was lucky the light seals still keep the light out. I went to an electronics shop and purchased a battery for my other new toy, a Nikkormat EL. The light seals are finished, so I bought some black gaffer tape and "sealed" the camera back. The lightmeter works like a charm, the third roll of film is fine, too. And then there was a fourth roll in a Leica M3 I just captured in a household clearance. The long shutter times are too long, the rest just works. It was in a closet for 15 years.

The reason for this little story:

+1 for the recommendation of a Nikon F/F2/Nikkormat. Or get a Leica M.