I bought this new several years ago and have only put a handful of strips of film through it. I've gotten solid results with color and black-and-white negs, as well as slides. (My experience, using primarily Portra, T-Max, Tri-X, HP5, Provia and Velvia.) It's a great scanner, and I know there are others out there who might use it more than I currently am.

It comes with two 35 mm film holders: for a filmstrip of six frames, and for four mounted slides. The software can output 8 or 16 bit data. Full frame 35 mm images are 3120 x 4680 pixels. I suppose you could say this turns your 35mm film camera into a 14.6MP digital capture device.

It will ship to you in its original box and packaging, with the film and slide holders, AC adapter and USB cable. I'll include the original manual and CD, if I can find where i put them. (I've moved a couple times since purchasing this.) If I can't find them, you can download the material (and find full specs) here: http://www.konicaminoltasupport.com/...90.0.html?&L=0

$250 insured shipping to you in the continental U.S. Reasonable offers considered. Paypal only, please.