Although I own and use an assortment of Nikons (2-F2 bodies (DE1 variety), an F2A, 2- F2ASs, and 1 each of the F3HP, F4s and F5) my hands-down favorite remains the F2AS (purchased 17 May 1979 and used continuously since). These particular babies have been used in environments ranging from New Orleans (where I lived for four years) to the Columbia Icefields, Jasper National Park (temperature/humidity range of 42C/98% to - 30/40%) without failure, EVER! My only expense for these bodies has been a CLA (done about 6? years ago. My trust in them is such that I shot my very last rolls of PKR and KR with them (sort of a coming full circle, if you will) on 25 December 2010. Needless to say, the F2 gets my unqualified recommendation, something I am very, very hesitant to give for anything, anywhere, EVER!