As a reply to mvjim.

I agree that sheet film and roll film considerations are not the same.

Typically the published desired densities for sheet film reflect the desired grade two paper grade.

Roll film will benefit from a development that will allow printing on a grade three paper. The reason that I say this is that roll film will benefit from lower development times that will reduce the formation of visible grain.

This will still allow the availability of grades four and possibly five (depending on the paper chosen) for expansion of contrast. It will allow grades two and one in the event that contraction of contrast is desired.

I don't think that if all things are equal (the same film emulsion and accuracy of lens shutter speeds) that roll film will benefit from a different EI then that determined for sheet film. The film emulsion is governed by laws of sensitometry and thus it requires a given quantity of light to expose a given film emulsion. The emulsion characteristics give no weight to differing film formats.