In no order of the members in each group, but group one first followed by two.

Hoffy- 'Searchingfor trolls...'. Ashley you have really managed to capture every detail of the underside of the bridge. I have never been out after dark on that side of the river so have never caught the scene that you have. Great workmon the split grading and dodging. Glad you did not tell us all where the flaws were this time, and I can't find any. Depth of field is brilliant, and to me this was "the" print of all of them.

SteveR - 'Untitled'. Or will be. I look forward to reading some of the detail of this image. It looks like it was taken where there is a tide?

SMBooth - 'Ketch'. Great image and the toning works well. You say you have converted an old Agfa Billy to a pin hole 35, but a square crop 6x6? I am a little confused what is the 35 refering to? I have not used the RC Foma, but like the weight and feel of it compared to the Ilford MGIV Deluxe.

BarrieB - Private Slipway. Barry I feel like I am sitting there looking at the scene myself. Another picture with amazing depth of field. This picture would be great enlarged to cover a wall. You mentioned your own toning brew... Would you share your secrets on this as I like the rich golden brown colour.

Munz6869 - 'Bridge, somewhere near Mallacoota!'. Nicely balanced image with the full spectrum of rich whites and deep blacks. Was this image taken with your original Fuji GW680 or the replacement?

Kevin Caulfield - 'Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand. Looks like the party is over and everyone has gone home due to storm brewing. Was this the case or was it just because it was morning. Everything looks so calm but for the waves in the distance.

Tomalophicon - Feathers in a tankard. Taken with an RB 150mm and soft focus. I like this image and need to dig a little deeper as I hope to expand on my RB gear as it is onl one 65mm lens and several B&W filters. Can't decide what to look for next. What was the significance of this image to you?

Michael W - Rooftop. My wife likes this image a lot. The subtle colour toning and grain from pushing the TX. Great to see lithe prints and lith on Foma as this is what I use a bit of but have not gotten around to using with the lith process. Only last week started soiling my own lith chemistry but did not get around to printing on the Foma paper just Ilford MG. I know what I want to expect now. Thanks for this image Michael a real beauty.

Andrew K - 'Photographers little helper'. I look forward to what you send out Andrew as much as the stories behind the prints. I thought lugging a RB67 around was a chore, god what it would have been like to carry this Graflex about to gather the news images. It must be fun to take out and use. And a Bonus print as well from your Holga - 'In a Spin'. That is a piece of work getting that with the 4 second exposure hand held at arms length. How many were attempted?

Thanks everyone for the prints. Another round where there is big spread of formats, films and processes. I will look forward to future rounds with enthusiasm.