Hi folks,
As a production potter for 20+ years I use CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) in my glazes and slips as a defloculant and hardener/binder. Gum Arabic substitutes well in these applications. I have pounds of the CMC powder and was wondering if any of the chemistry minded folks on the forum would know if it can be used in place of gum arabic for gum prints or perhaps used as a sizing agent with some kind of hardener if needed (glyoxal etc) for any papers that require sizing for any of the various alternative processes? Maybe in a salt print substituting cmc for gelatin?

I tried a gum print today with cmc instead of gum and I barely got an image but the stuff was very durable with holding onto the paper and wouldn't wash off the paper like gum does. Is it worth experimenting or am I wasting my time? Just looking for another use for this stuff if it's applicable.
thanks for any opinions given!