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interslice produces a nice product but it also trades on the presumption the job is tricky and likely to wreck your old Spotmatic or Nikkormat if you use "lesser" stuff.
Jon Goodman (interslice) is great to deal with, and the illustrated instructions he packs with the kits provide a substantial proportion of their value.

To anyone who has never re-foamed a camera, I would suggest you buy one of his kits, follow the instructions and then, once the work is complete, come to your own decision whether or not to buy a kit for the next camera you work on.

That's what I've done, and I've got two recent kits sitting here waiting for my attention.

One thing that adds to my appreciation of dealing with Jon is that his shipping charge is minimal, even for his Canadian customers .

He seems to be in the process of leaving eBay and setting up his own, free standing web site.

YMMV, but I am a satisfied customer.