I find not only the cameras, but their film really expensive. I got a holga as a gift, before they became the 'thing' to have. For what it does and what it cost me, I couldn't be happier with it. I have stuff that is much higher quality, much better results, and are better in every way. The holga leaks light, is fuzzy, has awful vingetting that I can't really eliminate, etc. But take a holga out and nobody is going to steal it. Your 4x5 might get stolen, cuz and old camera like that may just be a colectible. Digital? Worth quite a bit, depending on model.
But seriously, I made an account with lomography, thinking it would be a way to easily get any other bits I may want for the holga. They send along those piggy points every so often, about $5 worth, and they expire quickly. Except that much can barely even buy a single roll of film from them.
I wish I had thought of lomography, I don't mind overpricing stuff and convincing hipsters to buy it. After all, they always have to nave the newest Mac and the most complicated Starbucks order. It would benefit everyone if I could separate them from more of their money. Joke.