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I have been using Jobo CPE-2 and home-grown chemicals on 5x4 C-41 for a few years now and have enough ingredients to keep me going for a while - especially developer.
However JDPhotochem Canada has gone belly-up and I don't know where to get ingredients any more. Vanbar have some but I'm thinking.
Are there enough interested in C-41 here to group buy minilab chems. and split them among us - for bleach, fix and stabiliser - ie the chemicals which will keep a while on the shelf - everything except the developer? It's likely to be substantially cheaper then Tetenal.


PS I have always pre-washed at 100F for 5 minutes in the CPE-2. Gelatin - even modern emulsions swell slightly, opening pores on wetting and I have always believed that the first couple of rotations in the CPE-2 do not wet the film evenly. If your first wetting agent is developer, I believe that means that your development will be uneven.
I've got 200L worth or so, they are in small quantities enough to not need to group buy from vanbar.

Use E-6 fixer from Vanbar, it is $6 for 10L worth, it's dilution is 1+9. Bleach is pricier. There are several other sites other than Vanbar for chems in Australia that I know of.

The only thing needing group buying from Vanbar would be bleach if you want C-41 bleach (which I'm using atm). There are alternatives though.