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Ah there is significance, you found/saw the feathers and wanted to photograph it. Brilliant.

I often leave out the coffee when doing printing as I prefer the cleaner, warm picture look. These prints though I didn't think anyone would believe they were developed in washing soda and vitamin C...

The series of pictures ended up in a leather bound notebook I made for my wife. They were all close ups of things about the back garden which had some meaning to her. I could post a collection of the images time permitting. None of these negs have been scanned as yet.

The stamp was designed with my father inlaw who makes embosing stamps and engraves glasses etc. I was impressed by some stamps I had seen from past exchanges and thought that is a nice touch. I now see there are several of us using an embosed stamp of some sort now.
Andy, I really like the processing and yes I'm amazed it's washing soda and vit C. So what does the coffee do to the print?
I'd like to see more in the series.