I have seen some news and information about Redscale film, and some investigating shows that it is just regular C-41 35mm film exposed on the wrong side. People make their own redscale film in a dark-bag or darkroom by pulling the film out of the cassette, cutting it, flipping it, taping it back together, and then winding the film back in, re-cutting the tab then loading and shooting two stops overexposed from box speed. Doing this reverses the order the layers are exposed and filtered so the photos have a shift to the red side.

With that background out of the way, I would like to know if this will work for E-6 film for shooting underwater?

I know Kodak made underwater film years ago, but that stuff is long gone. I am mainly looking to see if this might be a better way to shoot underwater because while they make underwater corrective filters, they don't make them for all of my lenses. I have filters for the lenses that I can get them for, but I can't get filters for my Nikonos 15mm, and that is my go to lens for underwater.

So will it work or should I just learn to live with the overly blue photos?