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What does a film photowalk consist of?
From those planning to attend, will it be paced for 35mm/MF shooters on the move, or slow enough for LF users to join in? Optimally, a location that would allow visitors to wander instead of working as a moving group would allow for the most creative freedom.
I will stay tuned for more info.
This is the first one I've organized, but this is something along the lines of the annual Scott Kelby Photo Walk (held one week later this year), with the exception that it's for film only. This is strictly a local event - not affiliated with any particular organization. It's meant to fun and informal.

We'll initially meet at a predetermined location downtown, then freely walk about the general area in small groups or individuals. If the turnout is small, we may decide to just move as a group, but I agree that it's probably better for us to spread out so nobody is hurried and people are free to explore - both spatially and artistically. Less experienced film shooters may want to tag along with more experienced folks.

Some of us may meet up at a local restaurant at the end of the morning to chat and talk about photography and any interesting observations we made while shooting. We'll set up a virtual gallery after the event, either here in APUG or elsewhere, to share our best photos from the day.