Had (and still have) a 35mm Minox GT which continues to work well and is convenient for the pocket....but I've always felt that it was of a very delicate constuction and treated it accordingly! The automatic exposure isn't accurate enough for color slide, and can only be over-ridden by fiddling with the film speed index.

Also bought various s/h 9.5mm Minox stuff about 10 years ago, I'd always wanted to try the system and liked the idea of such a tiny quality camera. Never used it properly (lack of time, not the camera's fault!) and then soon after I acquired (for work needs) a tiny digital one to keep in my pocket as a "notebook". So, with 35mm and 120 for my own photography, the Minox isn't really needed now.

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Assuming you mean a camera that was not bought with issues, I'd vote for the Minox ML. Got it new and it was a camera I could have kept and used as a main camera for life but, the shutter failed twice. The original design was failure prone I learned later. When mine failed the first time, I sent it to Minox and paid for a new shutter than was an improved version correcting the problem. Sadly, it did not last as long as the 1st and when I contacted Minox they'd not replace it under warranty or give any consideration since it was the 2nd failure. The camera when working was magnificent with one of the best lenses I'd ever used. The zone focusing was no problem and unlike the other Minox 35 models you could hold the exposure and reframe. I understand there was again a redesign and the TDC version is not failure prone but by the time it came out I had sold off the camera and all the acc'ys which was everything Minox had available for it, except the little tripod that I kept.

Another disappointment was the Olympus XA. Took good photos and nothing really wrong with it but I just never could warm up to it. Nothing I could point out but, just never cared for it.

Another was the Minox 16mm cameras. I had a B, C, EC and LX. All excellent cameras. Still have the C. Bitch is it seemed right after I got hooked, the Minox distribution in the US dived in quality and prices for film and development went through the roof. Also, film selection nose dived. Again loved the cameras and lenses except for the EC.

Polaroid pack cameras: Hated the results from all the various models I tried until I learned that these were not actually hand holders as shown in all the adverts and literature. I finally figured out they needed a tripod or at least the self-timer or cable release to get decent results. Only exception was with the ISO 3000 b&w with the 180 and 195 and ND filter.