Early AF SLRs, e.g. The Minolta 600 and Nikon 501 and 601. Evolution occurs faster than the Minolta focusses and to compound the issue the kit zoom is dark. I paid almost nothing for a box of three and that was too much. The Nikon 601 is not a bad camera but one of mine shed a shutter just outside warranty and when I hadn't used them for two years I found the door catches had fallen off (an endemic problem apparently). A friend had a 501 which he tried to replace and was told it was functioning correctly. If it doesn't think it's focussed it won't allow you to operate the shutter. And it never focusses.

An Olympus XA2 was a real dog, not especially sharp, vignetted heavily and felt like it fell out a Christmas cracker. Some people swear by their's.

A Nikon F2AS. Hard to say why, I loved my plain prism F. It's big, heavy and reliable and I always wanted one when they were live but it felt like dating an old sweetheart 30 years on - it was never going to work. I still have it but don't use it.