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The time consuming part is cleaning, the measuring and cutting take a minutes tops, all you need a metal ruler, a sharp blade, and a steady hand. Most seal widths range between 2mm (most surrounding door/body seals) and 5-6mm (most door hinge seals) in width. Working with your multiple cameras its easy to slice up a few long lengths (that run the entire length of the foam piece) of each, then individually part them out to the required lengths as you go down the list of cameras.
Amen. It's really just that simple, kids. Sheet foam/felt is about a buck/8x10 sheet--that's a lot of practice material!

I just did a couple of NOS Mamiya RB67 ProS backs whose foam had either gone or was going fast after years in boxes. Removal and clean-up require time and care but the cutting and fitting of new foam was very straightforward.