Hello all,

as for the postcard exchange, I have to apologize for being late in sending my prints, and for my lazyness on commenting the prints I received...

In the past weeks, I received :

A very nice close up of chairs by Rüdiger. The composition is very nice, and so is the print.

Marius Hauge's skyscape. Very dark print, which put all the interest on the sun (moon ?) and the clouds around it, and makes me try to guess what the landscpae looks like... Well done !

TJ's three prints.
The two butterflies on a wall paper show very nice textures.
The portrait of Justin at 2 is absolutely lovely. The eye contact is very strong, and the print very well done.
The third one os a view of a beach and rocks, with very transparent water. Lots of details and textures, which I like a lot !

Thanks to you three.

I think I have decided what negatives I'll print, and hope I'll be able to print them this week.

Cheers !