So this is my darkroom this summer so far. Started with Omega C700 on a small table timed with a Gralab 300, 2 milk crates and a plank of wood with a plastic garbage bag over it for my wet bench.

Upgraded to the Omega C760xl pictured in 3rd image, and added the Thomas Duplex in 1st image, and the 11x14 4 blade easel, as well as a gralab451 timer. Then upgraded to a 6ft pvc sink, which I now store paper in a large rubber made bin under. and finally I installed a LPL670dxl enlarger, which I cannibalized the baseboard from the omega c760xl, plus added a nice little sound system to the under the sink shelf with ipod dock and remote.

I was driven to build it after never having enough time after work, to print my own images, in the darkroom that I teach in. But was spoiled by all the equipment I use routinely, but now my setup at home trumps the one I work in lol.