September. Depending on your hemisphere of residence, summer ends and (depending on your location) fall or autumn sets in. Or winter comes to an end and spring is about to start. Maybe, just maybe, yet other seasons are at play where you reside.

Either way, within the coming two months (which is, by no coincidence, the running time for this "Monthly" Shooting Assignment), the seasons will change. Life moves from indoors to outdoors, or vice versa.

The theme for this assignment is "Inside Out/Outside In".

What I would like to see is pictures taken through windows, through open doors, etc. Pictures taken indoors showing the view of the outside as seen from your living room or any other room. Pictures taken outdoors showing the view indoors of your home, of a restaurant, of shopping windows, etc. etc.

Pictures may or may not reflect the change of season; that really doesn't matter, as long as they somehow fit the description "Inside Out/Outside In".

Use your imagination, and surprise us all. Let's go out or stay in and shoot some film!