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But anyway, I think I need to use a grey card for a kind of ball of yarn reason: when I shoot on 4x5 film, I always seem to screw up my exposures, and now that I will be basically forced to print negs digitally (graduated from Honours, no more free equipment access) I want to make sure I am exposing better, and able to use the grey card as a device for colour balancing in Photoshop once I've scanned.
So I guess I am wanting to be more controlled with my precious exposures and make sure the colours are able to be balanced correctly after scanning, and I figure if I start getting to know grey cards better, I can improve on both those levels?
If you're going that route, you might want to consider one of these:
which works with both film and in the digital domain with Photoshop, which we don't discuss here. dpug.org is the equivalent venue for those discussions.