You guys made it very hard on me this time! Choosing a winner is proving to be difficult.

From Bertus old shot conversation in hats which looks even older than I think it is.

To David's Hat Counter, McRobert's Store, a lovely salt print.

Then swittmann's wonderful pair of "woman reading" shots in Central Park.

Now to the gallery where Barbara Ann, sly and Bertus gave us some great series!

semrich has an entry in the gallery too, an intriguing moment where a man walking and a woman on a trolley are looking into the store display of hats.

Lazy Day is my favorite from Barbara Ann, reminds me of Huckleberry Finn (shirt aside), a nice relaxing moment. I like the Hazmat helmet too.

Queen for a Day #2 from Bertus is my favorite in that series. Great big feathered hats! I enjoy Listen as well.

From sly, Self Portrait at the Show and Shine is my fave. Great impromptu fisheye effect in the chrome hub cap. Annina is so cute too!

In the end it is between Woman Reading #1, Lazy Day, Self Portrait and Queen for a Day #2.

It's 10:46pm and I just have to decide... the winner is Woman Reading #1 by swittmann! Congrats, you get to pick the topic for November/December.

Thanks again for all the great entries!