Hello friends,

the weather in Moscow gets better, and my flu doesn't - anyway, I just think it will be better someday I got an old Olympus-PEN EE-2, half frame automatic, in a perfectly working condition (repaired it myself). The electronic eye works too, of course. I tried to put a roll of Fuji Superia in it - well, the results were on a disappointing side... the film seems to be a crar for the purpose. I think slide film won't be properly exposed by all this primitive automatic stuff, too - but maybe I should try? Maybe anyone tried to shoot tiny slides with it, so I don't have to ruin a roll of expensive film? The colour negs coming out of it were almost all equally well-exposed, judging by the eye. I understand that I can't expect much from half frame, of course - but I want to have this Olympus with colour film in my bag, using it as a scratch book. Can you recommend me the colour film to use? I am mostly in MF B/W, so I just can't decide for myself

Cheers from Moscow,