I have Bessa L (silver), T (grey anniversary version) and R2A (grey). I never use the L (bought on flebay for the 15mm lens that was with it). My favorite is the "T", a wonderfull but for sure specific camera. And the build quality (metal dials and lever-base) of that version is great.
The R2A is a nice camera too, I use it regularly but it's my wife's camera ;-)
Lenses used are VC 15/4.5 (funny and lovely), 25/4 (most used, on the T off course), 35/1.7 (stay on the R2A as normal lens), and 90/3.5 (good lens used on both T and R2A). Also have Leica Elmar 50/3.5 (quite never used, aperture selection on front too hard to use) and a Summitar 50/2 (nice lens, and unique look with eom hood ;-)
The beautifull Leica IIIF, wonderfull piece of mechanical technology, stays at home beause it's a pain in the a.. to load :-|