As others have said, it's easier to get prints from your negatives. I've had good luck in the past with the Fujicolor and Kodak Gold films (400). I'm facing an 11x14 from 35mm of fall in NJ (sigh), that's clear and bright. I have some similar ones with subtle shades that the fuji handled pretty well. (neutral grey rocks with screaming green seaweed)

On the other hand, given the proliferation of Frontiers, etc, if you're not printing it yourself, then the beauty of color slides is hard to beat. Recent experience would suggest Provia 100. (sensia in consumer grade) Decent saturation, nice greens (to my eye; may say more about my lawn than my taste), and clean greys. I shot a variety of forsythia + weathered wood, with no bleed or color casts. I'm noticing that the old trade off (slide film expensive but cheap to process, print film cheap but more expensive to print), is gone, with slides being more expensive overall. It all depends; slides are great, but hard to leave lying around in little frames to impress guests and friends.