Hey all,

So in my new place I can darken my laundry room when I need to process film and paper, but I can't really keep that room dark for any extended period of time; more than a couple of hours.

But I need a UV-free place for my sensitized carbon tissues to dry. My thought is to create some kind of box or similar thing that I can put the tissues in and store somewhere out of the way.

First thought is to get an under-the-bed rubbermaid storage thing and place a large sheet of metal in it, securing the sheets with magents and storing under the bed. I'd get something that's opaque and put some kind of ventilation in it and maybe even have a small fan to circulate air.

But it needs to be safe, as in chemical contamination, and I guess this shouldnt' be a huge concern since there are no fumes or anything.

Anyways, could use your guys collective brain power to solve this problem.