Bessa R2A- great camera, focuses well even up close with large aperture 50mm's.

Makes a very compact package with the short-nose eveready case (GET IT!). The 50mm Sonnar and the 35mm f/2.8 Biogon both fit with that case on.

About the lenses: actually a bit disappointed with what they do on b&w film. They are not the manual focus versions of the Contax G lenses that I had hoped them to be. Tonality, shadow detail- just not up there. They're probably optimized for digital colour, if such a design consideration can be put into practice at all.

I once tried a 50mm Summicron and quickly found out that tab focusing is not for me.

I would not trade my Bessa for a Leica M7 or for the Zeiss Ikon. But then I have never used (or even held) one of those so what do I know?