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About the lenses: actually a bit disappointed with what they do on b&w film. They are not the manual focus versions of the Contax G lenses that I had hoped them to be. Tonality, shadow detail- just not up there. They're probably optimized for digital colour, if such a design consideration can be put into practice at all.
I've been quite happy with the 21/4 and reasonably happy with the 75/2.5, but haven't had the opportunity to play with others, though I've seen results I liked from other people. I'm curious which lenses have been problematic for you.

It doesn't seem like the screwmount lenses, at least, would make sense to optimize for d*g*t*l---of course there will be users who put them in an M adapter on an M9, or on a micro-4/3 camera, but surely the vast majority of screwmount lenses live out their days on film bodies?