Over the last month or so, I have shot about 5 rolls of Ilford 3200. Some have been shot at 3200 some at 6400.

On all of them, I got the weirdest thing.

It was a line of irregular small dots peppering the film roughly in the middle of the roll. They were relatively faint, and didn't even come near the edges of the frame. So a light leak didn't seem likely. Besides the same exact thing happened on TWO different cameras. My N80 and my FT2.

Now, after I dismissed the idea of selling the photos as "evidence of ghosts" (weird orbs and lights on film are adored by ghost hunters...I guess bad processing at the mall pays off for some), I wondered if it was simply a bad batch of film from Ilford. I bought all the rolls from B&H at the same time so it was possible they all came from the same lot. But that seemed odd too. Very unlikely.

These "dots" were also odd in that they went for a while, stopped, and then started again. No real pattern though.

In fact here is an example. Yes, the picture is crummy, but it shows the "dots" really well.

Now keep in mind this was ONLY happening with the Ilford 3200. Anything else that was slower did fine.

I finally asked at the lab.

They said it was probably static. Which makes a lot of sense.

First off, it is VERY dry here. Static is the ban of Arizona.

Secondly, the rewind on my N80 is set at the fastest speed, and when I rewind on my FT2 I rewind very fast. Static would explain the problem. And only high speed film would record it like it did since the senstitivity is so high.

So that is my theory. That it was static and I need to slow down a bit. This also occured ONLY during the dryest time of year. Other times I have shot fast film it hasn't.

So am I spot on here or am I missing something? I could use some reassurance since I am tired of touching up my images!