How good is your physical conditioning? I own both two Nikon Fs (one with the Tn meter head and the other with the eye level prism) and a DS Leica M3. If you are going to pack a F and a couple of pre Ai Nikkor lenses, be prepared to to deal with a lot of weight. It creeps up pretty fast if you through say four lenses, a body and a meter into the bag and if you plan to do a lot of walking, you might regret your choice of system for the trip.

The M3 with say a couple of Leica lenses (provided you are not hauling a 90 f2 Summicron with you) is a pretty light kit. It all depends what you plan to take pictures of, where you are going, the kind of camera bag you are using and your state of physical conditioning.

Now if you have your heart set on taking the F then just go with two lenses, the Nikkor O 35 f2 and the P 105 f2.5 which is my de facto street kit.