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David, As photographers, we have been trained to use compromises to our advantage and certainly there are tradeoffs in lens selections. For instance in the picture below, once I noticed the not so perfectly round OOF highlights, it became distracting. I have heard of these bokeh monster lenses and would like to try them out. No doubt they will be exceptional in this characteristic, but there will probably be some other thing to consider after using them

In that image, though, the appearance of the out of focus highlights in the background (the foreground is different) isn't only caused by the shape of the aperture. If it had a perfectly round aperture you might still find it distracting, since the out-of-focus highlights are brighter at the edges than they are at the center, though not extremely so I would say. I've seen worse cases. It's more important, I think, that the center of the highlight points be brighter than the edges, and then the shape won't matter as much, and that's an optical design issue.