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If you're concerned about Xtol failing suddenly, consider using Ilford DD instead.

Keith I take it that your reference is to DD and not DDX. The link certainly is to DD. However I tried to recall ever seeing it on any retailer websites, couldn't and so checked but failed to find it.

I then tried Harman Express and there was no mention of it. Putting in a search only got me to DDX although clearly DD exists. However the tech specs for it only seem to cover large capacity dip and dunk and all temp refs are to mid 70s F.

Maybe it isn't generally available to home darkroom users?

Do you know where it can be obtained and in what size containers?

This is getting away from the OP's thread but just in case he or others wish to consider using DD then the info might be useful.

Interestingly Harman doesn't seem to state it lasting any longer than the bulk of Xtol users have said that Xtol will last if kept properly i.e in airtight containers