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Likely a flat bed dryer would suit you better.
All that is needed is some corrugated board,
the blotter paper, and prints. Top off with
what you have for weighting the stack.

For even drying the board and blotters need
to be over size the prints by an inch or two.
I prefer polyester sheets to blotter because
polyester does not wet; does not blot.

From the bottom; corrugated board, blotter,
prints, blotter, prints, blotter, board. Print
emulsions should face each other. Continue
upward as needed. Weight on top. Slow,
cool, gentile, drying; a few days. Dan
Is it ok to put the prints in the stack fully wet, or do they have to be somewhat dry. I am just concerned about the emulsion sticking to the "blotter material". Also, is there any particular brand of polyester material that you would recommend?

Chris Maness