Get an Olympus FTV kit. Light weight, great lenses and easy to use. Yeah, I know I am a majority of one. I actually agree that it depends on where you are going and what you are shooting. But, I generally find unless you need a long tele, both will do the same job provided you know how to use the camera. An M3 with a 50 and 135 makes for a good kit. I'd prefer a M4 as I prefer 35mm vs 50 as my standard shooting lens. I thn can use the 35, 50 and 90 lenses. 135 mm is not a length I generally use. The F is a heavy camera for me and its only advantage would be the metered prism though when I used one, I prefered the WLF. Also, I found indexing the lens to the meter when in a hurry can be a bit frustrating but, then again, I was not an owner, only tried one out for a few days. Decided the Spotmatic and even an Exacta was the better way for me. The F is a workhorse but, for most of my shooting did not do anything that I could not get out of a Leica. To be honest, I also found no advantage of an M series over the CL and the CL is my camera of choice with the 40mm (close to the 35mm) and 90.