I keep forgetting to comment on these - have been distracted with tax and car stuff. Overall I'm pleased with the selection and plan to take part in the next one. I agree with AndrewK that these print exchanges are a good opportunity to try new things and give others a glimpse at what we are working on. Interesting that some of the prints I received are working along similar lines to some of my current interests, e.g.
Tomalophicon - with the soft focus lens. I love diffusion and recently bought a meniscus lens in shutter to use on 4x5. The effect works well with glowing highlights as seen in this print of feathers and a pewter mug.
Oxleyroad - I've done a bit of caffenol processing and just ordered 1 kilo of Ascorbic acid via the German ebay seller mentioned at the caffenol blog. Will be about 1/3 of the best price I can get in Australia. I have only processed film in it but as mentioned previously I watched a guy printing in some left over caffenol a few weeks back. That was fresh stuff so it is interesting to see that old previously used stuff still works. The print looks great, deep blacks and a nice tonal range.
AndrewK - I'm also into pinhole photography and own a Holga WPC although I haven't used it for awhile.
I love the Graflex camera and photo. Shame about the paper dev - I can see it was exhausted and didn't give you good blacks. You could have tried some caffenol! I'm a bit confused about the film - are you cutting 5x7 down to 4.75x6.5?
Kevin C - nothing experimental about this one, just a good straight photograph. I like the incongruity of the palm trees and the human clutter - chairs and small temple. It's well printed.