I have a couple RB67's and a Polaroid back I have never used, but hope to someday. I hope I get to use it before the film companies stop making it like was pointed out with the 100 B/W. Anyway, to shoot with a Polaroid back, you have to take off the whole back. Not a big deal, but it will require two dark slides (one for each back) and the careful removal of the back and storage. Again, I think what others have said about just getting a cheap Polaroid and shooting with that is a better idea. Also, the pictures will be a little wet and if they are put in the grooms pocket, they might end up sticking to it, or to the other pictures. The peel aparts are not like the SX-70 films. Also, you will have some garbage to deal with as you peel the film off the negative. The only way to do it right is to probably have a back up RB just for that and not changing backs. (Maybe that is what you were refering to.) Another thing you might encounter is that the bride will show one to her mother, who will then pass it to her sister, who will pass it to uncle Joe etc. Maybe a hour later 'all' the Polaroids will be found and you can then hand those scratched, bent pictures to the bride. You took ten pictures and 7 of them came back. I once took a few pictures with a SX-70 camera of a guy being pulled behind a boat on a kite. I showed them to the father and told him to show them to his wife and family on the beach. The guy said 'look what this nice man gave us'. I didn't have the heart to tell them that is not what I meant. Needless to say, I never did that again.