That just makes it even easier Ric, or rather it doesn't make a difference.. if you're only using one Polaroid back it remains wedded to the P adapter and is treated as just one unit. With either version of the P-back it's still just a single lever under the body to release the whole. And it's only one more back to look after, you'll probably have at least two or three preloaded before you start the day and will be reloading in quiet moments (or have an assistant reload).

I agree that something with better coverage of the FP film would be better for using it as a product in it's own right. In idle moments I've been doodling a die cut fold-around card to get around the problem by matting it for presentation as a unique art card, but that's just making the best of a bad deal.

(PS the weather has been changeable of late, but that is by far the worst spell of my name in quite a while! )