Ok, here's the long-winded story... I really need to ask people's opinion on this...

Last weekend I shot 4 sheets of 4x5 Kodak 400NC in my view camera for a project I'm working on... At the same time I shot some Fuji Provia slide film of the same subjects (I typically will do this - shoot 2 4x5 sheets and 2-4 6x6 slides at the same time).

On Monday night I developed one of the sheets and it came out WAY underexposed. Well, I had bracketed so I went to the next sheet which was even worse (I figured I had miss-metered since it was a difficult shot). I went to the next pair that had been shot in nice natural light. Same thing...

I got my slides back from the lab last night and they were perfect. So, it's not the meter. I calculated exposure correctly on the sheets. What went wrong?

Well, I suspect it's my chemicals. I use the Tetenal 5ltr kit and it's been almost 2 weeks since I mixed the chemicals, the chemicals had been stored well, and only 2 rolls of 120 had been processed before these sheets (at initial time of mixing). Should I be mixing a new batch about once a week? Or does anyone suspect another problem?

I'm shooting 2 more sheets tomorrow night and processing with fresh chemicals to see if that's the issue.

Also, I'd like to know people's experiences with the Tetenal vs. Kodak C-41 kits.


John P.