A couple of years ago I asked about general maintenance of a CPP-2 on the Large Format Forum saying that I had bought the two kinds of grease from the former US Jobo distributor, but could no long remember which grease went where. Following are the answers I got. Gregg Blank at the time did the Jobo repair work for the current Jobo distributor Omega Satter.

At a later date Gregg posted that Omega Satter is no longer servicing Jobo and Gregg, who is a regular on the LF Forum, is doing the work independently. There are of course other people in the US doing that sort of work as well.

I hope these answers will at least get you started.

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The syringe is for packing grease inside the hole that the white transfer gears ride in on the lift arm. ATLs have two gears, CPE, CPA and CPP2 have one hole.You fill the hole with grease then insert the two part gear and snap lock it together.

Grease eliminates the squeek. You can also apply vaseline using a Q tip instead...same mission accomplished with a dime store item versus the $32.00 syringe of high priced brown grease.

The white tub is is even pricer it's ""Lithium" grease "Silkon" which you most likely can find state side for less than the 50$ per 1/4 gram Omega sells it for. Used on the backside of the Lift elbow. Lubed twice in twenty years probably enough

Maintance? Keep the knobs area free from water, wipe it immediately after spilling water or chemicals on this area. Periodically lube the lift including the transfer gears. Check the water pump impellor periodically for twisted hair lint or debris. Remove the water impellor guard by rocking it front to back noting the tabs. One of my recent repairs told me I should post videos on You tube. Since I set an account up I aybe do that....whadda all do you think?

“Process Clean” is good algae control. Windex helps remove subborn fixer sulfer deposits. Gregg Blank
Someone else asked about a squeak and this was the answer.
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Greg Blank will likely answer with more accurate info.

The syringe stuff is for the shaft for the gears that go from the front of the lift mechanism to the back where the main gear comes off the motor from what I remember in lubing mine years ago. It does get rid of that horrid squeak.