The Voigtlanber Bessa III and Fuji GH667 MF 6x7 rangefinder cameras, with either 80 or 55mm lenses, are made in the same Cosina factory in Japan and branded as Fuji (with a silver finish) or Voigtlander (with a black finish). Other than cosmetics, both versions at each focal length are identical.

As there is no distributor in Canada, I would have to order either from the US or from the UK, and hence both finishes would be availble to me.

I am very tempted by the wide version with a 55mm lens, and I am not sure which finish is preferable and which is more durable.

Silver is very classic looking, but black would be more unobtrusive for street shooting (but this is not my prime activity).

Does anyone have any opinions about the two choices of finish regarding quality or durability?