In the spirit of continuing the workshops/Get togethers that Per Volquartz started up in this area several years ago...

This is not a workshop, no fee, however if any newbies or someone interested in some personal instruction (LF camera basics, ULF playtime, etc) feel free to ask myself, Jim Fitzgerald or one of the other attendees for some help.

When: October 1 (Sat) through October 5 (Wednesday)

October 1 (Sat) -Oct 3 As usual we'll start out at Virginia Creek Settlement (LINK) near the road to Bodie. I will talk to the owner soon to see if he will accommodate us as before. They usually close down more or less. Stay here and shoot the area including Bodie and head south to Lee Vining morning of Oct 3 (Monday). We'll do a print review Saturday night (bring your work) and Sunday night. BS sessions, campfire... You can camp or rent a room. Check the site.

October 3 (Sat) -Oct 4 We'll camp at Aspens campground (I think that's the one) off Power Plant Road which is off the 120 a few miles up from 395. Or you can choose to stay in Lee Vining and several options there. Hang out, shoot Mono, the lakes and such.

October 4 (Sat) -Oct 5 'Bama Hills. Leave late afternoon from Lee Vining (or not) to head down to Alabama Hills Wednesday and stay through Thursday. Will be camping at our favorite Location. Ask me if you haven't been. Lone Pine has several hotel options as well.

Hoping to keep everyone together and enjoy the usual camaraderie and story telling as before...Reminisce about our departed friend, and make new friends. Oh, and make a few nice negatives to turn into positives

I'll try to answer questions as they come up. Basically, our almost annual get together to shoot, share work and a few laughs.

Please email me if you are attending and where you will be staying. Could catch the Aspens turning, but no guarantees.

Sorry for the short notice, hope to see my friends there and some new folks...