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Op/Tech.... hahaha

Put that RB on a Op/Tech and watch it SLIDE right off your shoulder.

We use Up-Straps on EVERYTHING, I use one to carry a Canon 1V-HS with a 200mm F1.8L lens and a complete Mamiya Universal fully loaded and it WILL NOT slide off your shoulder nor will the strap break.

They have 2 models one with kevlar in the strapping. Neoprene is for women !!

You can order the strap lugs from Op/Tech and then use them on your Up-Strap !!

Let me know if you need some more information.


I like that the advertiser is so professional he feels the need to insult the obvious majority of optech users here. In spite of that douche I'll be getting an optech strap. Thanks for helping me make a decision Scott, you're ace!